Refrigeration Control Systems

The days of a refrigeration control system simply staging compressors on and off, are a thing of the past. Instead, today’s modern control systems must be able to operate systems economically, communicate directly with compressors and switchgear, safeguard valuable perishable products, seamlessly interface to third-party devices and save both energy and maintenance dollars. With advancements in technology, simple manual energy management controls are being replaced with sophisticated, plantwide facility management systems and SCADA network solutions.

At Electrical Process Development, our Automation experts have a background in refrigeration, process and electrical controls. We are able to provide a full turn key solution to your plant, including mechancial and engineering services via our industry partners.

Automated Controls

In todays environment of long term Coldstorage, maximising efficient use of energy, while reducing running costs and potential "down time" through plant switchgear failure, is key critical to the success of the Commercial business. Any loss in operation is a direct threat to the financial success of a business relying on refrigeration technology and could result in significant damage and stock loss for any customer using the facility. This in turn could result in lost revenue due to expensive legal costs, as well as lost income due to the results of negative publicity.

Upgrading a plant with an Automated system incorporating Programmable Logic, Variable Speed controls, energy efficient motors and compressors can have a significant effect on reducing the running costs of a Coldstore. Temperature and atmospheric sensors, connected to an Industrial network, provides vital telemetry about the critical elements of the store, which in turn communicate to the plant control systems, providing total operational control. The overall effect of Automating an installation can result in potential cost reductions of as much as 25% to 40%. For older Commercial Coldstores, the potential gains can be significantly more, based solely on improved maintenance schedules and by using new technology.

In many instances, initial CAPEX costs associated with a Chiller Plant upgrade will be paid for by reductions in OPEX costs, over subsequent financial years. As time progresses and fundimental operational costs continue to rise - electricity, gas, property costs, etc - the return on investment value rises, making even the most conservative accountant happy.

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Computer Control Functions

  • Room Temperature Monitoring and Control
  • Back pressure regulator control
  • Evaporator fan cycling and variable speed control
  • Float valve monitoring
  • Defrost cycle control
  • Ammonia leak monitoring

Engine Room Control

  • Compressor loading control
  • Compressor sequence control
  • Condenser fan and pump control
  • Variable speed control of motors
  • Suction and discharge pressure monitoring
  • Power usage monitoring
  • Equipment temperature and pressure monitoring

For more information about what an EPD designed and installed Automation control system could do for your facility, or if you would like one of our Automation specialists to quote on a custom control system, just Contact Us with your request.