Water has become Hawke's Bays single most important natural resource and needs to be protected, controlled, monitored and managed.

At Electrical Process Development, we are experts in the field of Water Pumping and Control and as such, can provide a turn key service for your Vineyard, Orchard, Bottling and Processing Plant, Farm Block, Milking Shed or any other location you can think of, requiring direct control of this most precious resource.

Because of our experience in the field as Electrical and Telemetry service providers, EPD is the only 100% Hawkes Bay owned & operated Telemetry Service provider both recognised and approved by the Hawkes Bay Regional Council.

As a core part of our business, we generally work directly with our rural and commercial clients, providing a site specific consultation service, before designing and installing a suitable electrical control or telemetry solution to fulfill their unique requirements. Our team of electrical installers can integrate new automation controls with existing pumps on site or we can offer a complete service, including pumps, flow sensors, instrumentation, variable speed controls, power distribution in difficult environments, etc. We can provide Renewable Energy solutions for those particularly difficult rural locations, incorporating battery-backed power supplies, Solar PV arrays & protection devices.

In addition to our own direct work, we are also proud to support some of Hawke's Bay top irrigation specialists, providing them with Automation and Electrical support for their project, including pump protection, power distribution for site, variable speed controls, breakdown support, as well as local telemetry and instrumentation support.

Our most basic system is for pressurised water tanks to provide water to Users with low pressure water supply. A combination of submersible and surface pump are very common and can be used to pump water at pressure and provide the required volume at very long distances.

As more water is required pumps and electrical controls become more sophisticated. The requirement of extra electrical protection is also necessary to protect our customer’s investment.

We have a wealth of knowledge in how these pumping systems should be controlled. One of the most important factors is using quality equipment. With many products flooding the market, mistakes are made when using equipment based solely on price. Our suppliers provide equipment and service that is backed up by experience in many applications world wide.

Electrical Process Development Services and Solutions:

  • Pressure Tank Pump Systems
  • Submersible Pump Controls
  • Surface Pump Controls
  • Direct on Line Pumps Controls
  • Soft Start Pump Controls
  • Variable Speed Drive Pressure Controlled Systems
  • High Pressure Pump Controls
  • Integration with Irrigation controllers
  • Remote Flow Monitoring & Telemetry
  • Managing the entire installation