At EPD, we offer Turn-key monitoring solutions that can be tailored to fit most applications. We are recognised and approved by the Hawkes Bay Regional Council, to provide certified Telemetry data logging services to Hawkes Bay customers, for the purpose of Resource Consent compliance.

This service is in accordance with the Government Regulation that came into effect on the 10th of November, 2010.

Our waterproof telemetry units provide a data collection, alarm processing and notification function that can then be converted into a configurable report, for easy comparison of installed equipment and associated sites. This same certifed data is automatically gathered and exported from our telemetry loggers, to the EPD secure web-browser, where only approved registered users can view the data. Our service allows for report generation & configuration via the web server, however the data cannot be manipulated or changed.

Telemetry Data gathered by our loggers is stored on dedicated servers and the data is digitally protected with daily back-ups. For added protection, our servers are snap-shot mirrored on a schedule and are also hot-swappable, to minimise potential downtime during a critical failure. Telemetry Data can be downloaded directly to Excel or .csv by secure users and can be automatically exported to a 3rd party database or server.

Key Benefits of Telemetry

  • Consumption rates, totals, status & reports automatically displayed on website
  • Ultra Low-Power hardware for long battery life (Up to 10 years in AMR configuration)
  • Global Wireless Network (GSM or Mesh Radio)
  • Web-based Management System for large  numbers of monitored devices
  • Minimum/maximum and status alarms with SMS and/or email notification
  • Very fast roll-out with true plug-and-play hardware

Telemetry Applications

Water Meter Telemetry

Designed for analysis and optimisation of water usage for Industrial and Commercial users, EPD Telemetry combines low-cost, robust hardware, with advanced web-based graphs and reports. Data is automatically gathered from remote wireless loggers, which are managed directly from password protected web-consoles. Water meter flow totals are time stamp recorded by the remote loggers, at time intervals as little as 5 seconds. Telemetry Data stored in the logger memory is automatically transferred to our dedicated server, via the GSM network, on a controlled communication schedule. This can be as frequently as every 60 seconds or up to once every 30 days - the data log and transmission frequency are User selectable and configurable over the web. No local connection to the transmitter is required.

Interactive Graphs & Stats

Each telemetry unit installed by EPD can be viewed in graphical format, with up-to-date and real time data. The Web-based management system gives service providers full control over remote sites, including creating user and group access to web-based graphs and analysis tools. The tools provided can also transfer the data onto an external database, configure recipients for minimum and maximum flow, as well as report on detected leak alarms. Specify time periods and thresholds from the web-consoles and allocate email or text-SMS alarm recipients for notifications.

In areas with limited or no GSM coverage, EPD can provide antennae extenders, boosters and wireless mesh radio options, all of which integrate seamlessly into the EPD telemetry unit.

Sub Metering

Monitoring of multiple water meters on a site downstream of the main revenue meter, for the purpose of on-selling or detailed analysis of consumption data and leak detection. We can combine sub-metering website views, with appropriate wireless Mesh or hardwired technology.

Electricity Meter Telemetry

Multiple inputs on the telemetry unit, allow multiple sensors to be monitored. Power meters with pulse outputs can be connected to record your instantaneous power use and provide you real-time usage data, over the web.