Case Study - VC999 Vacuum Packing Machine

Not every Automation solution needs to be an expensive one. When a key critical piece of plant fails, it may be possible to adapt the machine, rather than replacing it entirely or paying for spare parts with long lead times and hefty price tags.

If the machine is still in good condition or fairly unique in nature, we may be able to design, install and commission a replacement control system for you, using locally sourced hardware, from trusted suppliers. We can also inspect the existing operational electrical controls that remain, minimising future breakdowns during peak production times.

We were asked by our clients to have a look at a VC999 Vacuum Packing Machine, because the Control I/O card had failed. The Vacuum Packing Machine was an important part of their final packaging process and needed to be repaired under urgency. After contacting the manufacturer for spare parts, it was determined that the cost and time frame to repair the Vacuum Packing Machine would be unacceptable to the client.

We were instructed to fix it fast, so here is what we did...